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Client’s Needs

Subscription businesses are showing phenomenal growth, driven by digitization of content and sharing economy – consumers’ shift from ownership to access. Companies are paying attention to subscription business model as an approach to new business development. On the other hand, some entrants to subscription are withdrawing from the business, facing challenges in marketing, operation, sales and profitability. It is imperative to understand the unique characteristics of subscription business, and develop a thorough plan, before jumping on the bandwagon.

Our Approach

We have deep knowledge of subscription through our experiences at operating companies and through consulting engagements. With our understanding of subscription, we can support our clients in broad aspects, including business concept development, service design, strategy development, and operations management.

In operations, we collaborate with our clients in establishing key performance indicators and managing marketing ROI. Our goal is to help our clients in creating mechanisms to continuously grow subscription business, while maintaining the relentless customer perspective.

Nikkei XTrend “Fundamentals of Subscription Business” authored by Ken Kasegawa

Design and Development of Subscription Business



We provide advisory to our clients on a medium to long-term basis, to address issues and drive growth. Typically the term of the contract is six to 12 months, with an extension clause.

  • Meetings with our client at an average frequency of twice a month
  • Follow up with emails and phone calls
  • Covers necessary research, analyses, and proposals
  • Fee takes account of the issues and frequency of meetings


Steps of Engagement

1. Inquiry

Please contact us through the form below

2. Understanding of Needs

We have an initial discussion with our client to understand the issues and needs

3. [Free] Proposal and Estimation

We develop a project proposal and fee estimation based on our understanding of our client’s issues and needs

4. Contract

Both parties sign a contract that reflects the mutual agreement

5. Start of Service

The service starts in line with the proposal


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