Digital Marketing

Client’s Needs

Most companies expect digital marketing to contribute to growth of sales and customer-base. Among key considerations are clarifying roles of digital marketing vs. traditional mass marketing, and allocating resources between digital channels. Other examples of critical considerations include supporting systems – such as decision making processes and organizational matters – that maximize impact of digital marketing.

Our Approach

We relentlessly think from the customer perspective, and start with the understanding of customer needs by segments, and what channels allow us to reach the target customers. We support our clients in developing action plans by channels, and creating key performance indicators, success measures, and perpetual and long-lasting processes.

We believe ROI (Return on Investment) and scalability are at the core of defining the KPI, success measures, and long-lasting processes. We also want to work with our clients in creating other supporting systems. Key elements in creating these systems include decision making based on data and analysis, SMART goals, and talent development.




We provide advisory to our clients on a medium to long-term basis, to address issues and drive growth. Typically the term of the contract is six to 12 months, with an extension clause.

  • Meetings with our client at an average frequency of twice a month
  • Follow up with emails and phone calls
  • Covers necessary research, analyses, and proposals
  • Fee takes account of the issues and frequency of meetings


Steps of Engagement

1. Inquiry

Please contact us through the form below

2. Understanding of Needs

We have an initial discussion with our client to understand the issues and needs

3. [Free] Proposal and Estimation

We develop a project proposal and fee estimation based on our understanding of our client’s issues and needs

4. Contract

Both parties sign a contract that reflects the mutual agreement

5. Start of Service

The service starts in line with the proposal


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