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  • Why I recommend LaunchX Online Entrepreneurship Summer Program to high school students – learning 5 important long-lasting skills in 5 short weeks

Why I recommend LaunchX Online Entrepreneurship Summer Program to high school students – learning 5 important long-lasting skills in 5 short weeks

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Ken Kasegawa joined as a mentor for the LaunchX Online Entrepreneurship Summer Program for the past 4 years. Ken is Representative Director of CustomerPerspective Inc. , a digital strategy & marketing consultant and alum of MIT Sloan School of Management. Ken’s profile

LaunchX sets you up for success

In the past 4 years, I joined LaunchX Online Entrepreneurship Summer Program as a mentor, and I believe it is a truly remarkable program for motivated high school students. The reason? In the short five-week program, you will learn five important long-lasting skills to be successful as a professional. Let me explain what they are.

1 – Finding a problem to solve

You will find a problem to solve without a textbook that provides the right answer. In your high school, most problems are given, and somebody should know the answer. In the real world, you first need to find the problem to solve, and clearly define what it is. We face far more problems without an answer, than problems somebody can tell you how to solve.

2 – Coming up with a solution

You will explore and come up with ideas that solve the problem. Your initial idea may or may not solve the problem – but don’t worry. You can test the idea with potential customers, get feedback, and improve until you can sell the refined idea. After a series of iterations, you should hear your potential customers say, “I’d love to use this product. Where can I get it?” Once you start your career in business, you will notice that problem-solving skills are a set of tools that cut everything.

3 – Communicating and selling your idea

Your audience may not realize how good your idea is unless you communicate it effectively. You will learn about making real sales, literally earning money out of your idea. On the demo day, you will deliver a sales pitch on your business plan in front of panelists, including senior executives and real investors. In the highly international LaunchX setting, students will use the common language of English.

4 – Leading in a diverse group

In your high school, your classmates are likely similar to you in background. In LaunchX, you will study and lead a diverse group, in background, nationality, value, and ways of thinking. You should notice the importance of empathy, trust, communication, objectivity, and logic.

5 –  Making decisions fast

You will make many decisions yourself and with your team in the five weeks. You must decide many things to successfully complete your project in five weeks. Decisions include your role in your group, what problem to solve, how you interview your potential customers, etc. You will learn that you can only make progress when you and your group make decisions.

These are the things effective business professionals do every day, either in startups or large corporations. You can experience and learn the skills in the LaunchX Summer Program with the world’s top-notch high school students, excellent lecturers, and mentors passionate about entrepreneurship.

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