Appearing in TBS Ratio “Chiki Ogiue – Session-22”

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  • Appearing in TBS Ratio “Chiki Ogiue – Session-22”

On the following dates, I will be appearing in TBS Radio “Chiki Ogiue – Session-22” and discuss recent trend of subscription business.

  • Wed Sep 4, 23:40〜
  • Wed Sep 11, 23:40〜
  • Wed Sep 18, 23:40〜
  • Wed Sep 25, 23:40〜

Link to the program page

This is the first opportunity for me to join a radio program. The program is hosted by Chiki Ogiue, a popular commentator and radio personality. I really enjoyed the recording, thanks to Chiki-san and Hiromi-san.

I sincerely appreciate Nikkei BP and TBS Radio for offering this great opportunity!

Ken Kasegawa