Thank you for attending Subscription Seminar at SSK

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  • Thank you for attending Subscription Seminar at SSK

On Friday March 8, I spoke at a seminar titled “Creating and Building a New Subscription Business” at SSK, Japan Research Institute for New Systems of Society. I truly appreciate the opportunity and excellent support offered by SSK.

The first half of the session was a combination of my presentation and a case study. The latter half was a workshop, in which attendees formed five discussion groups and proposed new concepts of the subscription business. There were multiple proposals that I thought can be launched as real businesses. At the end of the session, attendees voted for each other’s proposals to determine the winner.

The session was fun, and I personally learned a lot from the discussions. I would like to thank all the attendees who made it to the session out of the busy schedule. I hope the takeaways from the sessions will be useful for your businesses.


Ken Kasegawa